DEFINE “Alive”

Define Alive…? SIMPLE. Alive is having LIFE… and Life is the absence of death. You cannot measure it, you cannot score it. It will not fit in a scale or a spreadsheet, nor can it be measured by a “term or a breath.” Life, is simply the absence of death.
So many arguments are had over the topic of abortion. Many of these arguments end at the point of the dreaded funnel of questions that brings one to answer the ultimate question of, “When does life begin?”

I recently read an article on a pro-life website that was titled… “Why not love them both?” I agree. I think instead of analyzing brain function, pain receptors, and first breaths or heartbeats, why not respond to the question of when life begins with “Why Not Love Them Both??” It seems an apporpriate response to me. Think about it.


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